• CALinnovates


    Advocating for the future of California's technology sector

  • Ines Skotnicka

    Ines Skotnicka

    R&D, #Innovation Management, #CompetitiveIntelligence &WikiEnterprise expert. #OpenInnovation PhD. researcher. Keen on Medieval History http://t.co/xPFhvKnT

  • Por uma educação disruptiva

    Por uma educação disruptiva

    Considerações sobre educação, empreendedorismo e futuro do trabalho. Por @LeandroHenrique

  • David Bernal Manero

    David Bernal Manero

    Team Leader and Project Director. SharePoint lover and hater since 2001, always looking for new solutions and applying them to get business value.

  • Roman BL

    Roman BL

  • Nathan Stacey

    Nathan Stacey

    Tracking the next big thing in the datacenter and its path through the channel

  • nilay patel

    nilay patel

    Acting Managing Editor of Vox, forever of The Verge. I am in love with spectacle.

  • Rob Manders

    Rob Manders

    enthousiastic golfer, avid reader, sportsfan, IT professional and CIO in Financial Services industry. Opinions made here are my own.

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